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We are located in beautiful south central Texas, aka. The Hill Country of Texas.


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(June 30, 2011)

Welcome to Taylor Made Motors, specializing in the rebuilding of Ford Model A engines.


My name is James Taylor and I rebuild Model A engines because I want to, not because I have to!

Not only do I rebuild Model A engines, I drive them too.  I currrently own two Model A vehicles, both of which I have fully restored myself.  Both are driven on long (>1,000 miles) tours.  I'm currently building a 1928 boattail speedster from the ground up.  Pictured above is a 1929 Phaeton. 

I've been restoring Model A cars for over 15 years.  Over the years, I have never been that satisfied with the motors others have built for me.  So building on my experiences, I started rebuilding Model A engines that meet my own high standards.  I use what I consider to be the best parts and make modifications that add value to the end product.

One quality that sets me apart from many of my peers is the service after the sale.  I stand behind every rebuilt engine I complete.  In the earlier days of using other supplier's motors, I have even provided warranty service for engines I didn't rebuild!  If I rebuild it, I will warranty it.

Please take a look at the products and services I provide and compare to the others.  Please contact me if you have any questions regarding my rebuilt engines, from what type of bearings I use to what brand of paint I use.

You can contact me via email at